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legal intimation to vacate country (Bhutan)by 29th feb 2012legal intimation to vacate country (Bhutan)by 29th feb 2012

International Law »Posted 18 Feb 2012 Post Answer

legal question Sir, I am facing a serious problem regarding me and my family\'s stay in Bhutan. We have been residing in Bhutan since 1964 when my father Sri Indrajit Agarwal went to Bhutan for trade purpose and settled there. We were born and bought up in Bhutan ever since. We have tried to obtain Bhutanese citizenship but haven\'t been allowed to do so.We have been in the country of Bhutan since our birth and have never indulged in any unlawful activities and never been convicted of any crime.We are a joint family with 4 brothers and a total of 24 members. At present the Govt. Of Bhutan has made a policy not to allow any person (who is not a citizen of Bhutan) to have a Licence of Trade which is necessary to live in Bhutan.We have a registered firm Udmiram Anand Prakash Store established by our father in 1964. Now the firm is in the name of Parash Kumar Agarwal, the eldest son of Sri Indrajit Agarwal.Although we still are a joint family but due to the fact that it is a large family the other three brothers including me had no other option but to do our business in the name of firms owned by Bhutanese nationals as we were not allowed to obtain trade licences. Now the Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs Department of Imigration has served notices against us to leave the country by the end of this month as we do not hold licences in our name. As we have lived the entire life in Bhutan and have little touch with our relatives in India.Our children are studing in schools of Bhutan and as we have our business settled in Bhutan we will face tremendous problem both financialy and mentally if we are compeled to leave the country.Sir, we are in great need of advice at this time so as to be able to handle the issue. I must also let u know that we are in regular correspondence with the Embassy of India in Bhutan ever since the issue arose.We have received feedback from them but no firm step to help us has been attained. Sir, as the notice sets the deadline by 29th, I will be deeply obliged and greatful to you if you provide me with valuable information so that I can take necessary legal action.

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