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Youth Advocates Of UNICEF From Around The World Youth Advocates Of UNICEF From Around The World

Bronze medal Reporter Adv Rose Posted 24 Apr 2019
Youth Advocates Of UNICEF From Around The World

A youth advocate is an adult who acts in the best interests of the youth that they are working with.  A youth advocate aims to prevent youth from experiencing diminished self-esteem while interacting with adults who hold professional authoritative roles in their life. Examples of these adults are judges, lawyers, teachers, etc. A youth advocate is one who plays a significant supportive role in the social and legal processes in the lives of young people, especially homeless and foster youth who lack family support. In consideration of the legal aspects, the National Association of Youth Courts describes a youth advocate as a person who provides support to a youth respondent or defendant during a hearing. Following are the Youth Advocates of UNICEF from around the world:

1. Jordan: Joud Mbaideen, 14

Author and advocate

UNICEF Jordan Child Rights Champion, 14-year-old Joud Mbaideen, is the youngest Arab novelist. She has already published two books in Arabic; “Al Tahaddi Yaliqo Bik: Challenge Suits You” and “Jarh El Yasmeen: Jasmine Wound”. In 2017, she received the King Abdullah II Medal of Merit in recognition of her achievements.

Inspired by her father, Joud launched an initiative to encourage reading, under the motto: “A book at the threshold of every door”.

She advocates for children’s right to education both through public speaking and through her social media channels. Joud has four younger siblings: two brothers and two sisters. Her parents are civil servants.

2. Côte d'Ivoire: Detty Dione Datto, 24

Vlogger, make-up artist and disabilities advocate

Detty Dione Datto  is a professional make-up artist and vlogger.

Disabled since birth, Detty advocates and fights every day for disabled children to have rights and a future. Detty launched a digital campaign "zero complex" to raise awareness in her community about the challenges faced by people with disabilities. "I want to help disabled and vulnerable children because I was once there too," she says.

Detty has initiated several social actions and fundraising campaigns for non-governmental organizations dedicated to helping children with disabilities.

3. Jordan: Emanne Beasha, 10

Singer and advocate

UNICEF Jordan Child Rights Champion, 10-year old Emanne Beasha, was the winner of the 2017 season of the pan-regional Arabs Got Talent.

Emanne showed a passion for singing from a young age and started singing – from opera songs to Frank Sinatra – when she was just 6 years old. At the age of 7, she was chosen from 23 contenders to sing the American National Anthem in a stadium of 7,000 spectators at a Major League Baseball game in Florida. 

She learned to sing from her mother and by watching YouTube videos. She is currently seeking professional vocal coaching and musical training. In addition to singing, Emanne enjoys playing tennis and spending time with animals.

Emanne is personally interested in creating safe environments for children, and actively participates in UNICEF’s End Violence Against Children campaigns in Jordan. 

4. Côte d'Ivoire: Tchonté Silué, 24

Blogger and education advocate

Tchonté Silué is passionate about reading, writing, education and travel. She is the founder of Centre Eulis, an educational space that introduces young Ivorians to the world through books, outings and educational workshops.

Tchonté has a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Georgia State University in Atlanta, and a master's degree in Social Entrepreneurship, from Hult International Business School in San Francisco. During her Master's program, she discovered a passion for education, and just after graduating in 2016, she returned to teach at her former university in Grand-Bassam.

In April 2017, Tchonté opened the Eulis Centre to share her passion for reading and create a space where young people can continue to learn new things. In September 2017, she won the prize for the best Ivorian blogger at the E-voirblog awards with her blog "Les chroniques de Tchonté". Centre Eulis was recognized at the Adicom Awards in March 2018. Since September 2018, Tchonté has been working as a kindergarten teacher at the International Bilingual Schools of Africa (IBS).

5. Mozambique: Deasy Helena Muzima, 22

Education advocate

Deasy Helena Muzima is a 22-year-old Mozambican youth leader. She is the President of AIESEC Mozambique, the world’s largest non-profit run for youths by youths. She is chair of the Global AIESEC Assembly and Expansion Committee where she is responsible for finances, strategic orientation, partnership management, project management, implementation and evaluation. She also oversees training and coaching for young people.

Deasy is an articulate and outspoken advocate for youth rights, and has been invited to speak on young entrepreneurship and young leadership in several national conferences. On World Children’s Day, Deasy was appointed as a Youth Advocate for Gender Equality.

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