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Why Interpersonal Skills Are Vital for Lawyers? Why Interpersonal Skills Are Vital for Lawyers?

Bronze medal Reporter james Posted 24 Jul 2017
Why Interpersonal Skills Are Vital for Lawyers?

How a lawyer benefits his/her customer can be the most vital factor regarding ongoing client relationships. Most customers put a high value on quality legal services. I am not pointing here to the result of a legal issue, in spite of the fact that it is absolutely critical. But taking into account how many talented lawyers are out there, it often comes down to how good a lawyer’s reputation is for providing good service. A lawyer with a reputation for poor service often has poor interpersonal skills.

For years we have heard that clients want this service

  • understanding of their needs
  • better communications
  • prompt billing
  • greater value
  • there should not be any surprises, especially when it comes to budgets
  • Provide data security.

It has been observed that good interpersonal skill also plays an important role as like legal skills. Using   soft skills help you to become favorite lawyers among clients. They include:

  • learn what keeps them up at night
  • asked what their preferred manner/format for receiving updates
  • have a sense of humor.
  • learn about their personal life
  • ask about their work routine

This skill is vital for lawyers in today’s competitive marketplace.  In many cases they are as important as how smart the lawyer is.

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