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Untold Interesting Facts  of Murderers Untold Interesting Facts of Murderers

Bronze medal Reporter Adv.Aneeta Posted 28 Nov 2019
Untold Interesting Facts  of Murderers

Psychopaths are shameless in their actions against others, whether it is tricking someone of their life savings, influencing law administration personnel during questioning or putting blame on their victims for the crimes. The psychopathic killers are well planned, determined and organized. Mostly the psychopathic killers will often include sadistic gratification but in reality, their killings are cold-blooded, designed and completely planned.

In some cases, the psychopaths commit crimes with the help of another who is completely normal. The subordinate of the psychopath male would be a female in most cases.

The public has gradually been given the message that ‘psychopaths are threatening and cannot be treated. The psychopaths commit a great number and variety of cries than other criminals. In divergence to its treatment of persons with diagnosable mental health difficulties, based on official arrangements, criminal law does not currently excuse or ease ‘psychopaths’.

Most of the serial killers are getting the death penalty. Gary Ridgway who killed 49 women and Ted Bundy who killed 28 women was awarded lifetime sentences. For psychopathic serial killers who have committed numerous murders, punishment is not the only aspect involved. There should also be the prevention of society from them. This is to save the public from them as they have frequent recurrence to murder.

Javed Iqbal Mughai was one of the deadliest serial killer of history who sexually abused and murdered 100 boys. A Pakistani judge gave him the punishment which was apt for him. A judge gave him death sentences, stating: “You will be strangled to death in front of the parents whose children you killed, your body will then be cut into 100 pieces and put in acid, the same way you killed the children.”

The impermanent mental disorder shall not result in exemption from the punishment when motivated by the subject in order to commit the offence. There is no doubt that a murderer should be killed – it is the basic premises of an eye for an eye. Most of the countries have now banned the death penalty practice which leaves it to imprisonment. A murderer is kept in prison according to circumstances of the murders.

The question of how best to punish murderers will always be notorious. The one thing that is common among the public is that any creature who takes the life of an innocent must be made to pay their debt to society.

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