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Top 10 Trending Legal Careers Top 10 Trending Legal Careers

Bronze medal Reporter Adv Rose Posted 12 Dec 2019
Top 10 Trending Legal Careers

The law profession is one of the high competing sectors now, over 6000 law graduates are completing their graduation every year. There are a lot of job openings in all sectors like IT, Banking, Marketing, etc. but in the legal industry, there is always a slow rate of development. But above all in the previous year, there is a hopeful increase in job opportunities, especially for freshers. But today the brightest students choose law as their profession and hence there is a tough competition to make their mark in society. The profession of attorney suits best to people who have a good presence of mind and who can very strongly put their view forward. Lawyers have a respectable place in society. The aspirants have a lot of opportunities in the government sector as well as in the private sector after completing a law degree. But before choosing your career in law take a look at the below shown trending legal jobs.

Law Firm Associate

This will be one of the highest paying jobs if the person proves his capability in the field. In this tight competing world, most of the law firms hire persons with interpersonal skills, hard work, and dedication. One can enter to a law firm through interviews, campus recruitments, and internships.

Bank Legal Officer

A legal associate is an essential thing in a bank to ensure their legal compliance with the law of the land. They also want advocates who are capable of taking care of their recovery cases and loan accounts.

Intellectual Property Lawyer

IP law is one of the most sundry fields, ranging from patent, trademarks, copyrights, designs, etc. As this is one of the fastest-growing ideas IP lawyers have a bright future to explore especially in metropolitan cities. This is a scope area of law as technology continues to progress, and it is also statistically among the most profitable.

Corporate Legal Officer

A legal graduate can apply in an MNC for the post of Corporate Legal Officer. Most of the MNC have their nerve center in foreign lands and they are not well versed with the local legal terms. This post is an excellent opportunity for a law graduate to build up their career in the corporate sector.

Law School Professor

Becoming a law professor is highly competitive. A law school teacher has a much important role in molding a lawyer. The salary of a law school teacher is better compared to others.

Law Firm Associate

There are many law firms expanding all over the world and joining them as an associate would be a great opportunity to earn name and fame. After you are done your apprentice under a good lawyer you must forward your job application to Law Firms and seek your chance to associate with a well-reputed firm.

Work as a Public Sector Employee

A public sector job is a dream of everyone where there are much less job tension and work. A public sector employee gets a dream salary with lots of other enumerations. The recruitment to the sectors through common written test always and sometimes through direct campus recruitments. But now the competition to the PSUs also increasing at a fast pace.


A think-tank concentrates on research and advocacy which will be related to the public policy. It gives provisions for the government by bringing the different perspective that addresses the concerns of all relevant stakeholders with the help of research projects and consultation sessions. These contain no rules and regulations in joining a think-tank. They have separate verticals within the organization. A lawyer must be eligible for various verticals in a think-tank for giving the close link between the law and policy for a variety of disciplines. In a law school, it will equip you to handle new avenues of research and advocacy.

Tax Lawyer

Along with the increase in law graduates, the tax also has increased its importance. It is a very good opportunity for fresh law graduates to join and gain experience from tax consulting. Tax advocates can work either individually or for a business firm. But it is challenging for a fresh lawyer to work independently after gaining a small experience. The job responsibility of a tax lawyer varies from estate planning to internal revenue service’s and they get much importance in newly opening business ventures.

Trial Lawyers

This is the most competition arising profession in the legal career and also the most paying one. The salary and other benefits may vary according to the job location and relevance of the case.

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