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Tech Skills Lawyers Need to Know Tech Skills Lawyers Need to Know

Bronze medal Reporter Adv.Viswanath Posted 13 Jul 2018
Tech Skills Lawyers Need to Know

Technology, a word that we used frequently, and it is now related to our daily life. All areas of life are related to Technology.  The development process in a systematic and techniques for doing a thing and making it. The origin of the word “Technology” is from Greek, from the two words “techne” and “logos” it means art, craft, and words, speech respectively. Now you are thinking about why I am talking about technologies in lawyers platforms. Yes, there is a reason for that, lawyers do not distinguish from technology. The direction of the world is decided by the technologies. Most of the largest companies in now days are techy companies.

The rate of growth of a company must go below when they are not updated with the technology. The technology-based companies have healthier clients and employees. Artificial Engineering is the next booming technology of the future. Most of the governments are updated their law to deal with business in the technological field. There are so many people are dealing with the cryptocurrencies. Because of amendments in the law field regarding the technology the technological lawyers are in a very rush. The regulations are double-edged sworn for the technological companies. The technological lawyer’s providing the legal advice to the entrepreneur regarding the technological issue. the technological lawyer should aware of the international laws regarding the intellectual property law. They understand the framework, in the protection of data, cyber-crimes, restrictions in contents, copyright issue etc.

Effect of technology in Law field

The technology basically changed the typical practice section of law. A lawyer can handle their client’s problems from any corner of the world with a computer and Wi-Fi connection. The text messages and letter writing are substituted with the mail. The wide usage of smartphones made our work very easier. Traditionally a lawyer’s cabin is fully filled with books for references, with the help of technology it is replaced and integrated to small laptops and apps. The courtrooms become very smart with the implementation of video conferencing.T he surveillance camera are providing in each corner of the cities are becoming the witness. The electronic records in hospitals are becoming a new challenge and trial problems for the attorney.

The use of technology in law firms is very useful in the competitive field it’s good for the business as well as to the clients and lawyers. Document automation software is very helpful to the lawyers. The software for billing and time management will help the lawyers in collect the information regarding the client and the communication with them. For a law student specialization in the technological field is a very beneficiary thing. And they should update with the new laws and amendments and also with the technologies and is sure that it will move you in a long way. For a good technological lawyer, he/she is aware of the drawbacks of their clients business. And must build strategies for it to overcome. Drafting of contracts regarding terms and conditions of using of platforms, Cloud Service Management etc. you should aware of the risk management.

There are certain basic skills needs for a lawyer it will get you from your experience if you want to stand different or stand ahead of them learn some technical skills. For a technological lawyer aspirant should have the practical experience with the contract drafting, risk assessment and management, and just one thing that you learned is that the language of your client. Your client here is a techie. The lawyer who is well versed with the use of automated document drafting and another thing should have a huge demand in the companies. In nowadays are dealing with the huge data collection, licensing of drowns, cloud, e-commerce business, cyber security, etc. Handling of intellectual law is another one main duty of a technology lawyer. Save their product that is software from the copyright issues.

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