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Some List of Law Books by Oxford University Press Some List of Law Books by Oxford University Press

Bronze medal Reporter Adv. Thomson Posted 25 Apr 2019
Some List of Law Books by Oxford University Press



  • 1001 Legal Words You Need to Know-Jay M. Feinman

  • 51 Imperfect Solutions- Jeffrey S. Sutton

  • A Book of Legal Lists -Bernard Schwartz

  • A Casebook on Roman Property Law-Herbert Hausmaninger, Richard Gamauf, George A. Sheets

  • A Common Law of International Adjudication-Chester Brown

  • A Continental Distinction in the Common Law-J.W.F. Allison

  • A Cosmopolitan Legal Order-Alec Stone Sweet, Clare Ryan

  • A Course of Lectures on the English Law-Thomas M. Curley

  • A Cry for Justice-Kaiser Bengali

  • A Debate Over Rights- Matthew Kramer, Nigel Simmonds, Hillel Steiner

  • A Debtor World-Ralph Brubaker, Robert M. Lawless, Charles J. Tabb

  • A Dictionary of Law-Jonathan Law

  • A Dictionary of Legal Theory-Brian Bix

  • A Guide to Oral History and the Law-John A. Neuenschwander

  • A Guide to the IBA Rules on the Taking of Evidence in International Arbitration-Roman Khodykin, Carol Mulcahy, Nicholas Fletcher QC

  • A Guide to the ICDR International Arbitration Rules- Martin F. Gusy, James M. Hosking

  • A Historical Introduction to the Law of Obligations-David Ibbetson

  • A Jurisprudence of Power-Rande W. Kostal

  • A Liberal Theory of International Justice-Andrew Altman, Christopher Heath Wellman

  • A Passion for Justice-Tinsley E. Yarbrough

  • A Practical Approach to Effective Litigation-Susan Blake

  • A System of Rights- Rex Martin

  • A Theory of Constitutional Rights-Robert Alexy, Julian Rivers

  • A Theory of International Organization-Liesbet Hooghe, Tobias Lenz, Gary Marks

  • International Criminal Law-Douglas Guilfoyle

  • International Criminal Procedure-Göran Sluiter, Håkan Friman, Suzannah Linton, Sergey Vasiliev, Salvatore Zappalà

  • International Cultural Heritage Law-Janet Blake

  • International Data Privacy Law-Christopher Kuner

  • International Development Law-Petra Minnerop, Rüdiger Wolfrum, Frauke Lachenmann

  • International Economic Law and Governance-Julien Chaisse, Tsai-yu Lin

  • International Human Rights-Philip Alston, Ryan Goodman

  • International Investment Law and Arbitration-Andrea K. Bjorklund, Andrew Newcombe

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