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New Era For Law Firms Outsourcing Legal Business New Era For Law Firms Outsourcing Legal Business

Bronze medal Reporter Adv.Lakshmi Posted 20 Nov 2018
New Era For Law Firms Outsourcing Legal Business

At a particular point of life, each and every person need legal help. Legal services are different in various countries. Let us consider the country US litigation is very expensive there. A family with an average amount of income, after their basic needs likes’ food, water, clothes, health care, shelter etc. Legal services are also important in our life when it affects the security of our life or our assets. To protect them it is necessary that the need for legal help. The people with an average income cannot afford charge of attorney that they pay for an hour. If the necessity is high, someone come and say that the same service will provide with the same quality and cheaper than the previous one. It is sure that we consider the second one. The question is that why the legal services are very expensive.

One of the reasons is that the expenses at law schools are very high. The expenses in law schools are about $20,000- $40,000 in a year. It depends on whether it is public or private. As a result of a high fee in law schools, the graduate students start their career with debt. At the initial stage of their career with debt is not cool. It put pressure on the graduates which tend to the inflation of service charge.

As per the reports in a daily, the increasing numbers of the average income Americans are consulting the lawyers in India for the legal advice through the online media. A good number of lawyers are there in India preparing the legal documents for the American clients. If we are doing the comparison in the amount of money the US lawyers receiving $150-300 per hour. The Indian counterparts are charging very less amount as compare with the other side that is they charging $7-20 per hour. There are many law firms in India, they are providing legal services like legal research, find out the precedent cases of child custody, divorce, property dispute etc. The in charges of the law firms are saying that the growth of the business over the last years are inclined certain percentage.

The Managing Director of Indian Unit based on New York State that the client contacts her and told that prepare the document because they want to present it himself on the court without involving the lawyer. There are so many such cases are reported. The Indian lawyers could not appear on the US courts for their clients, but there are no restrictions on preparing the legal document, find out the cases studies especially for the one who want to  appear on the court themselves.

There are some other reports that, there are so many people in America that lost their houses or other properties because they appear themselves in the court without the lawyer. America needed the cheaper lawyers. Because of the high payments for the lawyer so many people are choosing to present themselves on the court. But the latest study said that America needed more lawyers and legal help more than ever.

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