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Mentality Towards Sexual Abuse: When You're Too Ashamed to Talk About It Mentality Towards Sexual Abuse: When You're Too Ashamed to Talk About It

Bronze medal Reporter Adv Aneeta Posted 7 Nov 2019
Mentality Towards Sexual Abuse: When You're Too Ashamed to Talk About It

Most of the parents tell their kids especially their girl child to keep quiet and don’t tell about the abuse they faced to anyone. They teach their kids that it is a shame to talk about it. It’s uncomfortable for the parents to talk to kids about sex, but now we find ourselves in a compulsion to talk to kids about sexual harassment and the difference between appropriate and inappropriate behaviour. Even after all that is faced by children around our society we still ignore talking about it to kids. It is necessary to teach our children and clear the doubts of our kids. If we don’t talk then someone else will do that for you. There's no need to talk precisely about sexual harassment with very young kids unless they ask about it.

Due to many reasons, a child victim of sexual abuse may not tell anyone often it is because the abusive adult will convince the child that no one will believe or that the child himself is responsible for the abuse and will be punished.

We should find the time to talk about the difference between behaviours and also if it’s acceptable to touch another person and to respect other people - their space and their bodies. At the same time, we should teach them that it is right and important to speak up about something they think is immoral and embarrassing happened to them? They should get the trust that no matter what happens to you will be there for them.

If the child brings up the question be prepared for it. Make sure to ask them: “where did they hear the word?” “Where did they see?” Don’t take a lecture instead make sure that they understand it well. Use simple words they will understand and no need to over-explain anything more than they need to know. It is important for parents to make sure you spend time for your child, keep in mind that it is never too late to start talking!

A child may not recognise abuse growing up in a family where there is violence or abuse which makes him think it is the correct way to behave to others. Parents should make sure that their children are not seeing them fighting and using abusive words. Many women around the world have broken their silence on sexual harassment and even children should also be able to break that silence.

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