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Major Reasons For Commission Of Crime Major Reasons For Commission Of Crime

Bronze medal Reporter Names Posted 17 Nov 2020
Major Reasons For Commission Of Crime

Ever wondered whether those who commit a crime ever think of the consequences or not. Do they consider the risks involved when committing a crime? What can be the reasons as a result of which crime is committed? Is it mainly due to the circumstances that force them to commit the crime?

Major Reasons

  • Financial problem – This can arise due to unemployment, sudden job loss or any other reason. Sometimes, circumstances like this force a person to earn money in the wrong or dishonest way. It is good to remember that money earned by wrong methods do not last for long nor they can be of any use instead it is temporary. It is always good to earn money through the right path. The path may be difficult but the money earned by the right way always has value as its earned through the right path and helps the person to live in dignity as well as be a role model for own children.
  • Troubled family life – When children in a family witness friction between their parents, it affects them a lot. At the stage when they yearn love from both of their parents, seeing the friction between parents may make a child feel neglected or ignored.
  • Childhood abuse or ill-treatment – When a child is abused or ill-treated, it troubles the young mind spoiling and ruining childhood. The wound remains troubling the child as and when the child grows. This inner wound can even lower their self-confidence and so on.
  • Under the effect of drugs – Once addicted to drugs then it is hard to come out of its effects but not impossible. Drugs not only ruin lives but causes financial strains. Also, drugs ruin a better part of life and even affect health. It is always better to stay away from such addictions that spoil life, damages health and so on.
  • When influenced by those of same-age group-This pressure from peers persuades a person to commit crime even if the person does not prefer to do. Mostly, this peer influence forces the person to come to a decision to do a crime even if that was not intended.


Trying to earn money or anything by wrong/incorrect manner never gives a fulfilment nor satisfaction but going through the right path, earning honestly always guarantees that satisfaction life-long even if it was earned through hardship and struggles and so, at the end of the day, honesty and truth win.

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