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List of Notable Philosophers of Law List of Notable Philosophers of Law

Bronze medal Reporter adv. Alex Posted 9 May 2019
List of Notable Philosophers of Law


Philosophers of law are also concerned with a collection of philosophical problems that arise in specific legal subjects.

  • Plato
  • Socrates
  • Aristotle
  • Thomas Aquinas
  • Francis Bacon
  • John Locke
  • Francisco Suarez
  • Francisco de Vitoria
  • Hugo Grotius
  • Benedict de Spinoza

  • John Austin (legal philosophy)
  • Frederic Bastiat
  • Evgeny Pashukanis
  • Jeremy Bentham
  • Emilio Betti
  • Norberto Bobbio
  • António Castanheira Neves
  • Jules Coleman
  • Ronald Dworkin
  • Francisco Elías de Tejada y Spínola
  • Carlos Cossio
  • Miguel Reale
  • John Finnis
  • Lon L. Fuller
  • Leslie Green
  • Robert P. George
  • Germain Grisez
  • H. L. A. Hart
  • Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
  • Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
  • Alf Ross
  • Tony Honoré
  • Rudolf Jhering
  • Immanuel Kant
  • Johann Gottlieb Fichte
  • Hans Kelsen
  • Joel Feinberg
  • David Lyons
  • Robert Alexy
  • Reinhold Zippelius
  • Neil MacCormick

  • William E. May
  • Martha Nussbaum
  • Gustav Radbruch
  • Joseph Raz
  • Jeremy Waldron
  • Friedrich Karl von Savigny
  • Robert Summers
  • Roberto Unger
  • John Rawls
  • Pierre Schlag
  • Robin West
  • Carl Schmitt

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