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Lawyers First Trial in Court Lawyers First Trial in Court

Bronze medal Reporter Adv.Aneeta Posted 1 Dec 2019
Lawyers First Trial in Court

After a couple of years out of law school, it was that day to try my first case which was offered by my senior. I grabbed the opportunity without giving it a second thought. It was a new lawyer’s first trial…and I was frightened to death.

Utah law professor Abigail Pittoff wrote in the Utah Law Review that, “To practice law is to be afraid. Show me a lawyer who is unconcerned about their client’s situation, and I will show you a lawyer who should be fired.”

Just before the day before trial, I was looking through the case file and each time I went through the file it seemed like a new file. I was true to my senior I told him I didn’t have the experience to do it and the clients have complete trust in me. My senior looked into my eyes and said the opposite seniors are much experienced than you but you have prepared better than them. There is nothing to worry about being nervous. It is also sensible to ask yourself, Will I ask the correct question? Will I be able to support my client?

Those words of my senior boosted some sort of confidence in me. Now I would like to give some tips for the upcoming lawyer.

The key to becoming a trial lawyer is to prepare and be well aware of the facts of the case. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes- but repeat the same mistakes over and over. Only a person who has makes mistakes can find the right path to success.

Every judge should be fair and impartial when hearing a case but this does not mean they don’t have their style. We should know the style of the judge before going to trial will help. Try to prepare outlines of areas of questions for the witness. Through the way you present in your trial, the judge should be able to visualize your case details

It is always better to start your trial with smaller cases so you will understand how to deal with the bigger ones. You should not self-doubt; believe that you can do it.

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