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Latest techniques for marketing law firm Latest techniques for marketing law firm

Bronze medal Reporter james Posted 20 Jul 2017
Latest techniques for marketing law firm

Lawyers may not want to market, but they certainly want the new clients that come from it. How it is possible to get new clients without marketing. Even if you get new clients by referrals it will be limited and localized. These are 3 digital trends that impacts lawyer’s marketing. 

1. Rising priority of review sites: - Lawyers review sites such as Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn etc have enabled clients to leave online reviews about the lawyer. These sites are having a greater impact on the number of clients you get as nowadays clients are hiring lawyers online only after going through reviews posted in internet.

2. Law firm blogging: - Legal blogging has gained importance over a decade. It’s true that well-written and regular posting of law blog is going to help your website rankings, establish your position as an authority and improve your community engagement thereby attracting new clients to your law firm. A law firm blog is certainly an investment. Putting quality content can payoffs you farther more than you might realize. However, benefits obtained are indisputable. It is recommends to do blogging at least three times per week

3. Mobile marketing for lawyers: - it has been that more and more people are now using mobile device for searching information on search engines like Google, yahoo, bing etc. Increasing emphasis on making your Lawyers Website mobile-friendly will gain more credibility. Mobile marketing seems to be one of those marketing strategies that few lawyers are paying attention to.  They know it's a critical system, yet there are such a large number of "easier" techniques that devour their time.

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