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Is Upskilling Important For Lawyers? Is Upskilling Important For Lawyers?

Bronze medal Reporter Names Posted 21 Oct 2020
Is Upskilling Important For Lawyers?

Young lawyers! This is the time to upskill. Upskilling is to enhance your skills and is required to keep up with the changing times. As changes occur, we need to adapt to it by changing accordingly. Now, during the novel coronavirus pandemic, when all are staying home and get more time, it is always good to use the time wisely and productively which can help you in the times ahead.

Why Do Lawyers Need To Upskill?

Usually, upskilling is in the business arena but upskilling lawyers can add more value to yourself and to your firm. We have advanced quite a lot digitally and since everything is done digitally mostly, so people or clients as well as potential clients are also going digital. So, as a lawyer, you need to connect to your clients, provide them legal service and so on, digitally, especially in this pandemic times.

To adapt to the changing legal environment, it is very important to upskill for young lawyers as it increases the knowledge, skills like problem-solving skills and with the knowledge enhancement, it would be easier for lawyers to tackle cases, help clients, provide legal advice.

So, for this purpose of upskilling yourself, you need to focus on skills like thinking out of the box, thinking innovatively, time-management as well as risk management. Yes! Some are not legal skills but more related to business. Still, as we know no field is independent and each field is dependent in one way or the other on other fields so equipping yourself with the skills only adds up your value and that of your firm along with preparing yourself for future as change is not constant.

Learning new things or upskilling goes throughout the whole life and learning never ends. So investing in these skills only equips you for the better and these skills come into use during one time or the other.

With the newly invested skills, problem-solving skills provide you with methods to tackle various matters and also do different things in a creative manner. In addition to this, technology is also used in law firms and providing legal services to your clients too becomes better and easier.


It is always good to learn new skills and it may come in use, one day or the other.

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