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Humans Against Humans !!!!!!! Humans Against Humans !!!!!!!

Bronze medal Reporter Adv. Natchez Posted 16 Jan 2020
Humans Against Humans !!!!!!!

It is an irony but true. We are against our own species and that is by trafficking humans by humans themselves. Yes! Human trafficking is happening on a daily basis in different parts of the world.  It is saddening but trading people for sexual exploitation, organ extraction, forced labour and marriage, domestic servitude has risen to a  humungous count with the exception of unrecorded data.

Violation of rights of individuals by other people when the former is traded by the latter for financial gains. A country immersed in poverty, unemployment or is politically and economically unstable which is taken advantage of by human traffickers to lure innocent persons to a trap and trade them illegally for monetary gains. The victims of such a trade are physically and mentally harassed in a minor and major manner which has long-lasting effects.

The victims if rescued go through a trauma that delays in their recovery to the rhythm of life while some are unable to lead a normal life. The wounds caused by this cannot be assumed or felt. The process of rehabilitation cannot be guaranteed for their full recovery. Some are affected by sexually transmitted diseases like HIV leading to their death. 

What are we doing to our own race? What do we gain by exploiting our own fellow people mentally and physically?  Upliftment of weaker sections of society can reduce this evil trade to an extent. It is impossible to eradicate this monstrous activity completely but if every person in this world spares some time to heed to the cries of any other person for help, on humanity basis we do need to respond.  Giving employment and provision of adequate education do help to a limit. Each step taken to counter trafficking helps. So giving basic education to people who cannot afford is a contribution we can do for their upliftment. Another way is by creating awareness amongst all about trafficking and it’s consequences.

Mind-boggling cases are on a rise and law enforcement needs the cooperation of people too, to get to the roots and save numerous victims who are helpless and are in need of psychological and medical help. Everybody in this world has a right to live their life and no one can snatch it from them. LIVE AND LET LIVE. 

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