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How to get your law firm in Google map? How to get your law firm in Google map?

Bronze medal Reporter james Posted 31 Jul 2017
How to get your law firm in Google map?

Google is the largest search engine which is used now. Google provides an option for every lawyer to add their practice in Google map. This service is called Google business listing. Care must be taken while listing in Google as it is critical to creating and maintaining consistency across your online business listings. An improperly set up Google listing can lead to loads of missed traffic and thereby losing clients.

Google business listing is a free and easy marketing tool. It helps for easier for law firm to manage their online presence across Google

It helps in streamline your business information like law firm name, phone numbers, addresses, and working hours across all Google products.

Google business listing advantages

  • It’s one of Google’s primary sources of data
  • It improves search visibility
  • It puts your business on the maps
  • It manages business information
  • It connects you with clients


Go to to check how your business shows up on Google

  • Start typing in your law firm name.
  • Click the “Let’s Get Started”
  • Sign into your Google/Gmail account.
  • Select “Add your business” (i.e. Law Firm Name)
  • Fill out your law firm information.
  • Click to Continue.

Verify your business

After submitting it there will be a verification procedure which is either done through mail or phone

In mail verification, Google will mail a postcard with verification PIN within 1- 2 weeks. After properly understanding instructions on the postcard, follow it to verify your business.

In phone verification, you will have to answer the phone as an automated message from will call the business number listed. Click to verify and then wait for a few seconds for the phone to ring. Enter the PIN and which you have got from automated message then you are verified.

Keep your information up to date

It is recommended to check your listing at least once in a month. Respond to your reviews, review any edits from outside sources, and add new photos and info to your listing.

You can also download the Google My Business app for iOS in the App Store or for Android in the Google Play Store to update your listing from your mobile device.

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