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How to choose your area of legal practice How to choose your area of legal practice

Bronze medal Reporter adv. Alex Posted 4 May 2019
How to choose your area of legal practice


Selecting what type of law to practice is an entirely different matter than deciding to go to law school and a confusing one at that. Choosing a practice area is likely the most significant factor influencing a lawyer’s long-term career achievement, and is something law school often fails to prepare you for. Pick the correct practice area, and you are best positioned to enjoy job stability, career satisfaction, and overall long-term success. Choose incorrectly, and you will probably face a continual struggle for professional satisfaction.

Would you be able to imagine yourself in the zone of law you need to practice? In the event that you need to litigate, would you say you are the sort of individual that can deal with intense personalities in a court and can think rapidly on your feet? If you are planning to select transactional law, do you like the idea of constantly reading and editing? These are just a few questions you should be asking yourself. Examine your strengths and weaknesses to help you decide.

Once you decided to select one area of practice, try not to change in your decision too much. You need to gain experience relevant to one area of practice so that you have the best chance of impressing employers with skills you have acquired over the years. If you alter too many times, you won’t have sufficient time to build solid experience in the area you ultimately want to pursue.


Everyone can have a successful legal profession but you have to take time to reflect now. More importantly, do your research! As you come nearer to graduation, you need to be guaranteed in your choices and sure about your work and effort during graduate school. As a law student, you want to be alert about your future goals, so understanding the differences between practice areas and career paths is also very important.

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