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How to Gain More Readers for Your Law Blog? How to Gain More Readers for Your Law Blog?

Bronze medal Reporter james Posted 14 Jul 2017
How to Gain More Readers for Your Law Blog?

Nowadays there are lots of legal blogs available on various issues. Many of them may be by your competitors in law field. So how do you ensure that your law blog will again more attention thereby increasing income through it? This article will describe 7 ways to engage more reader to your Law Blog:

  1. Take a stand: Human have tendency to follow the leader, and a leader always has a strong decision on any matters. Become a leader and don’t be afraid let your readers know what you can do. This will give your law blog a refreshing voice and will more attract the people to choose you for solving any legal issue.
  2. Add value: if you’re not adding something of valuable then you are not only wasting your time but also reader’s time. Reading related blogs and have discussion with experts will help you to write more valuable law blogs.
  3. Give it away: it has been seen that many Lawyers are concerned about revealing too much about their area of practice, thinking that if they “give it away” they won’t be hired. People are usually pulled in and impressed by the depth of your knowledge in your practice area.  Sharing blogs in social medias will increase the reach of the law blog.
  4. Influence experts you know: Including quotes and even allowing expert guest bloggers will increase the credibility of your blog among the user.

  5. Write it simple. If you want your reader feel comfortable while reading your law blog then make it as simple as possible. Write the law blog in layman’s language. Try to avoid tough judicial terms which can’t be understood by common people.  Remember, your prospects are coming to you for insights on problems they have that they don’t really understand.
  6. Use case studies:  Everyone likes to read a story.  Use case studies to illustrate your points and demonstrate gains more attention among the users.
  7. Keep posting regularly: you may have noticed that the most-followed blogs are the one which post regularly. Adding new content to your blog several times a week to satisfy your readers as well as Google, since search engines rely on fresh content to rank the relevance of websites.

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