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How to Ask Clients for Feedback? How to Ask Clients for Feedback?

Bronze medal Reporter james Posted 26 Jul 2017
How to Ask Clients for Feedback?

It’s time to plan and implement new strategies to attract new clients. Inorder to do effective planning it is absolutely necessary to feedback from clients to ensure the quality of legal services provided. All of us know how tough and competitive the legal marketplace has become to sustain good relation with clients is essential.

This blog delves into the realm of asking for feedback, what it is and isn’t, how to get it, who to ask, what to ask, the reason you ask for it and finally, how to ask.

  • What it is :- what it is. It isn’t a blaming or defensive effort, nor intended to merely gain praise. Feedback has been more positive than negative if it is done in proper manner. It will boost your firm growth. She also talks about neutral feedback are one which sparks a new idea that never would have occurred to you if left to your own devices.
  • How to get feedback:- Begin by asking yourself what you need to enhance, and who, when and how you ought to be inquiring.

    • Who should be asked? Clearly that would be clients and previous customers. I've gained significant data from asking past law office clients, more great than you might think. It also suggested ask the client's non-lawyer staff and other outside people you may come into contact with in your practice.
    • When to ask? During and after an engagement. One could look for feedback toward the start of the issue which could inspire great data about how matter ought to be taken care of.
    • How should you ask? Good feedback are obtained from either through in-person, telephone interviews or in written form. Clients are busy people too, and often the reason they don’t respond well to written surveys


The vital thing to remember regarding any feedback or client satisfaction program, is that in the event that you don't do it and there are issues, your customers may leave for another law office in this most competitive market. Also, you may not know it until it’s too late.

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