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How Does A Lawyer Prepare For A Case? How Does A Lawyer Prepare For A Case?

Bronze medal Reporter Names Posted 10 Nov 2020
How Does A Lawyer Prepare For A Case?

Lawyers going through pages of a big book hurriedly searching for something or the other and then looking through some documents. Usually, this is when lawyers are preparing for a case. It takes a lot of time to prepare a case and lots of hard work is put in case preparation.

How Does A Lawyer Prepare?

The basic preparations done by a lawyer are:

  • When a client approaches a lawyer with a case, the lawyer asks questions to the client with regards to the case so as to know every aspect of the case and the points are jotted down by the lawyer as and when the client says about the case.
  • Then the case material is read by the lawyer once the client leaves and more points are added to the already noted points as well as what are the things to be proved in the case and notes the relevant questions.
  • The case is studied in detail and scrutinization of the case is done as to its weakness and its strengths which gives the lawyer an idea as to how to deal with the weaknesses of the case.
  • The lawyer has to prepare the legal documents and other documents for trial and so, for this, drafting of the documents are done and prepared which are to be organized and kept so that it reduces the last minute search and stressing about it.
  • Preparing for the trial is done regarding the evidence and witnesses and it is better to keep a note of the evidence.
  • Always practice before presenting in court since practice helps in organizing materials in case forgotten to do so. This is especially useful for young lawyers before presenting their first trial in court. Practice can also help in noting any points which were not done before. Practising also helps in┬ápresenting your case in court with more confidence and without any doubt.
  • Keep a record of the documents, evidence and arrange them accordingly. Also, it is better to number the documents so that it is easier to spot rather than searching hurriedly in court which can really stress you. Another thing is that day before the trial, do a re-check of all the documents and evidence which can make your work easier and smoother.


Preparing for a case by a lawyer is a lot of work and many sleepless nights, stress, strain and hard work has gone behind the preparation.

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