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Homosexuality Demanding Individualism? Homosexuality Demanding Individualism?

Bronze medal Reporter Adv.Sanu Mathew Posted 19 Oct 2019
Homosexuality Demanding Individualism?

The law always goes with the life of people, not against the life of people. Homosexuality demand of individualism rather than social morality. The term ‘homosexuality’ was invented in the late 19th century by a German psychologist, Karoly Maria Benkert. The term heterosexuality invented later in the same century to contrast with the earlier term. The right to love is a part of our life. In some countries criminalizing homosexuality lower the status of some people. In a certain culture based on homophobic attitude which makes it impossible for victims to access the judgment.

Homosexuality is accepted in some countries. The cultures influenced by Abrahamic religions, the law and the church established sodomy as a transgression against divine law or a crime against nature. According to the form of literary works, art objects, and mythography materials in western documents concerning same-sex relationships are derived from ancient Greece. Studies say that it accepted in some forms in ancient Greece.  No societal notions of heteronormativity regulate libertines based on sexual orientation that marked them as less than citizens as or less than human. Laws of a country should be in consonance with its modern ethos it should be sensible and easy to apply. Many historical figures, including Socrates, Lord Byron, Edward II, and Hadrian, have had terms such as gay or bisexual applied to them; some scholars, such as Michel Foucault, have regarded this as risking the anachronistic introduction of a contemporary social construct of sexuality foreign to their times, though others challenge this. The study says that no one is experienced homosexuality as an exclusive, permanent, or defining mode of sexuality in the middle ages. 

We go through this view transformation are essential for some time. Homosexuality demand of individualism rather than social morality. The conclusion is when we taking this issue positive or negative. Transformation is essential for some time. It clearly shows, the policy and legal debates conducting for homosexuality involve fundamental issues of morality and justice.

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