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Does blogging brings new online clients? Does blogging brings new online clients?

Bronze medal Reporter james Posted 15 Aug 2017
Does blogging brings new online clients?

Yes, blogging helps to bring more clients through online. More you blog more clients you will get. Usually, it is recommended to update your blog at least two or three times a week. A blog post or article should run 800-1,200 words long to capture the most visitors and get the most shares on social media.

Reports show that clients search for a lawyer on the internet and a hinge survey proved that it is true. However, lawyers focus on the wrong part of the marketing  i.e. by trying to increase the number of leads and visitors they get with PPC and other SEO techniques. Instead, it would be better to pay attention to the prospects and visitors who already come to the site, and turn them into clients.

An ideal approach to hook visitors is by storytelling. It's a compelling technique that every one of us learned in childhood. Narrating makes individuals feel feelings, and peoples recall stories and react to them. In the stories on a law office site, the protagonist should be the potential client and the viewpoint should always be that of the firm's clients.

When I compose an article, I generally search for a turn to make the story intriguing. I'll locate a strange point to open an article, bolster it with insights and delineate it with a decision or settlement. I find that these are the stories that web guests get a kick out of the chance to peruse.


In case you're a busy lawyer and don't have time to create content, you should consider assigning as the other option to doing nothing. Ask yourself:

  • How good is my journalistic nose for news?

  • Wouldn't I rather edit a well-written draft?

  • How much free time do I really have to write blog posts?

On the off chance that you find that you are blogging increasingly and getting a charge out of it less.

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