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Does Emotions Have A Place In Law?           Does Emotions Have A Place In Law?

Bronze medal Reporter Names Posted 16 May 2020
Does Emotions Have A Place In Law?

Have we not thought about emotions finding a place in the vast expanse of law ? Is it not possible for emotions to do so ? Does law and emotions mix together ? What will be the effect of such occupancy of emotions in law?

Emotion With Law

Law , as we have seen , is more of a field interested in reasoning , deductions and requires analysis. So when emotions are involved , the reasoning and deductions decrease and affects the outcome. Emotion does not go hand- in- hand with reasoning .

When emotions are made to combine with law , proper administration of justice may not be possible . It is evident that when emotions come , it tends to overtake our reasoning and analysing skills and impacts the result . This would be a problem when the result depends only on logical reasoning , deductions and analysis purely.

But a lawyer does go through many emotions like stress, anger , frustration , disappointment and so on in their line of work. There may be cases which can make a lawyer sad too . When case preparation is being done , lawyers do get anxious and tensed especially when the cases are nerve-wracking  and highly important  as their whole career and reputation would be dependent on it.

In court , when lawyers have to deal with various emotions of victim and feel empathy towards the victim yet lawyers need to be in their reasonable sense of mind and supress emotions as the legal proceedings move ahead . The lawyers need to take care that emotions do not affect their case in court. It is a very difficult situation yet they need to stand up to it.

Earlier , law was more of a deductive and analysing process . But with the passage of time , psychology and other fields gained importance in law specially when dealing with criminals who may have become a criminal due to circumstances or any other reasons involving human behaviour.

Analysing human behaviour plays an important role in dealing with cases and also in tactical questioning. Human behaviour is complex and study of human behaviour helps in understanding it better.


So , when we think if emotions has a place in law then we more likely law can help in moulding emotions.

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