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Do I Need A Divorce Lawyer If We Agree On Everything? Do I Need A Divorce Lawyer If We Agree On Everything?

Bronze medal Reporter Adv. Sarika Khude lawyer in Rajgurunagar Posted 6 Dec 2019
Do I Need A Divorce Lawyer If We Agree On Everything?

Yes. You still need a divorce lawyer if you agree on everything. This may not be the answer you want to hear but it’s true. 

You need a divorce lawyer to draft an agreement  

Well, if you agree on everything still you will need a divorce lawyer to draft a proper agreement. Actually, you can also do this on your own. However, the agreement will govern your future and a little misplacement In a word can cause a big problem in the future. Divorce lawyers are trained to legal writing and analysis and will make sure that the agreement is proper and definite.

Plus while drafting an accurate agreement you need to include boilerplate language. Now I will not go deep into the boilerplate language that goes unto divorce agreement but understands that it is very important. Sometimes one or two paragraphs of boilerplate will help you down the line if something goes wrong in an agreement.

A divorce lawyer will file the appropriate necessary paperwork 

Some people try to file their own agreement in a court, it is literally not easy. Well, when I was a clerk I have seen a number of case dismissals just because the file was not appropriate. A divorce lawyer will help you make a proper file. Moreover, there are some documents that are important if something goes wrong in the future. A good lawyer will make sure that he or she keeps a file of your case in case you misplace anything.

What if the lawyer changes the entire agreement 

In my career, I have some people who are afraid to get a divorce lawyer because they think that he or she will mess up the whole agreement. Well, this is a legitimate fear. This is sure that a good divorce lawyer will not let his client get into a grossly unfair agreement. We have seen in cases like these that sometimes the agreement gets unfair and if you are the spouse which is in benefit of the agreement I will recommend you to get the agreement equalised on both side because the other spouse will find out that the deal was bad. He or she will again come back to court and reopen the file. In the end, both of them will end spending more at the attorney than if they had fixed the agreement before they finalised a divorce.

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