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Difference Between Justice and Judge Difference Between Justice and Judge

Bronze medal Reporter Adv. Thomson Posted 3 Apr 2019
Difference Between Justice and Judge


 As we all know, in all nations there is a judicial system in place, to not only work as a guardian of the rights and freedom of the public but also for providing them with an environment that is both peaceful and orderly. The judiciary, or the judicial system, is the part of government that interprets and implements the laws which are made by the legislature based on the facts presented. It is made up of lower courts and the Supreme Court which is the court of final appeal. The judiciary consists of court clerks, lawyers, justices, and judges.


 Judges and justices are court officials responsible to hear legal proceedings and to make the conclusion in every case that is brought to a court of law. Depending on the jurisdiction, they can sit on the bench anywhere between six to eight years. Both must retire at least by the age of 70. Justice is usually used to mention judges in Supreme Courts while those in lower courts are referred to as simply judges.  However, there is no hard and fast rule about this convention, and judges in some lower courts are also called justices.  A judge is generally the one who presides over the lower courts while justice is a member of the Supreme Court. While some of them may have similar responsibilities for justices and judges, others have specific responsibilities for them.


Judges are persons who have successfully completed a law degree and have experience as attorneys. Upon elevation as a judge, which is often through appointments, a person gets powers to pass on verdicts on several matters related to law. Usually, a judge listens to the court proceedings and comes to a conclusion for the first time. However, justice usually reviews a case that has already been concluded by a judge. Justice has the power to change the verdict of a judge. Judges are appointed, elected or nominated, whereas justices are nominated.  In  US the President nominates the Federal court justices. But, state of Michigan in US that elect their justices or the judges for the Supreme and Appellate Courts.


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