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Attributes that it takes to be a great lawyer Attributes that it takes to be a great lawyer

Bronze medal Reporter Adv. Thomson Posted 16 Apr 2019
Attributes that it takes to be a great lawyer


A great lawyer is one who efficiently takes the duty of his client’s case.  A good lawyer can make all the variation in a client’s case. There are a lot of different attributes that it takes to be a great lawyer. Cultivating these traits provides the opportunity to really understand the issues and offer effective solutions.


Ability to Listen

Effective communication abilities are important to great lawyering. One of the most essential aspects of communication is listening.  Obviously, what we state, how we state it and when we state it are critical. Listen to your clients, adversaries, your colleagues and the judges.


Client Care

Successful lawyers are those who assist the clients with a higher level of professionalism and courtesy.  At the point when the customer is poor and unable to pay total compensation to the legal counsellor, it should not influence the provision of legal service because the lawyer’s vocation is traditional and honorable.



Great lawyers are not just intelligent and analytical, also they show a lot of creativity in solving the issues. Being creative makes a lawyer think about a sensible arrangement when the issue emerges.


Leadership Quality

A lawyer must be a great manager and a leader, hence the leadership power of a lawyer is necessary to succeed.

Writing Skills

Good writing helps in making the position more stronger and wins cases, the mix of great oral and writing communication skill is unbeatable. To become a great lawyer writing skills is highly essential which is very helpful in preparing arguments, briefs, and other legal documents.



When working on a suit, you must have the perseverance to complete the work essential to drive it to successful completion.


Research Skills

The ability to research quickly and effectively is essential to understanding your clients, their needs, and to set up legal strategies. New problems and cases arise every day, and you have to do the research to find the solution to your case. Therefore, don’t assume that you know everything, even if you have practised in the same area of the law for several years. 

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