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Are Lawyers Focusing on the Wrong Things in Online Marketing? Are Lawyers Focusing on the Wrong Things in Online Marketing?

Bronze medal Reporter james Posted 21 Jul 2017
Are Lawyers Focusing on the Wrong Things in Online Marketing?

Most of the lawyers have a basic idea of what they need to be doing for marketing their law firm in online. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misconception about internet marketing and as a result many lawyers are concentrated on the wrong areas when it comes to internet marketing. Lawyers are not aware that doing online marketing without proper knowledge will ruin their online reputation. Doing online marketing properly and effectively will double your income. So it is absolutely necessary to do Online Marketing carefully

Google Position Should Not Be Your Top Concern

Even though Google ranking is important there are many other things in internet than Google which you should pay attention. Before thinking mush about your position in Google, first ensure that your website and your internet foundation positions you as an expert in your area of practice and it echoes among your targeted audiences. A strong internet foundation will make all of your marketing more beneficial.

Google is imperative, yet there are MANY things you should concentrate on before you consider your Google rankings. What’s use of achieving top position in Google if your website doesn’t impress and engage your visitors?

Facebook Likes vs. Facebook Reach

Facebook page with 1000 likes are more impressive than page which has only 10 likes. This is because not all 1,000 people are seeing your article every time you make a new post. Facebook has tendency to severely limit the scope of a Business Page as an attempt to limit the chances of a company spamming users’ timelines with promotional posts.

The solution is to boost your posts via boost option in facebook which is a paid option. The higher the boost, the more people see the post. This will help you to reach people who aren’t connected to your page.

Blogging for Robots vs. Blogging for People

Next most important tool is blogs. Effective blogging is alone enough to increase your online credibility. Are you repeatedly writing blog on how your law firm can help? Does every other sentence of you blog contain phrases like “An experienced Divorce Lawyer”? Then you may win business from a robot, but you will easily lose business from a person.

If you write blog articles that provide information, tips, judgments and legal updates then not only are you showing your expertise as a lawyer, but you’re showing that you care about helping people out when they come across your blog.

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