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2019 Top Digital Transformation in Legal Industry 2019 Top Digital Transformation in Legal Industry

Bronze medal Reporter Adv.John Posted 29 Apr 2019
2019 Top Digital Transformation in Legal Industry


1. Virtual Law Firm


A virtual law firm is a model of legal practice that does not have a formal office, but runs from the homes or satellite offices of its lawyers, usually providing services to clients at a distance using technological means of communication.

There are a lot of advantages when we are selecting our services as a virtual law firm. Some advantages include lower monthly overhead, eco-friendly and possibly paper-free, better flexibility to transition between stages in your business, ability to serve a wider client base because you aren’t tied down to a single office location and flexibility with the hours you work and more control over your work/life balance.


2. Cyber Security


Cybersecurity involves technologies, procedures and controls designed to safeguard systems, networks and data from cyber-attacks. Effective cybersecurity lessens the risk of cyber-attacks and defends against the unauthorised abuse of systems, networks and technologies. Recently United States research shows that there is 80 percent of the largest firms have already experienced a malicious breach. The study also found nearly 60 percent of all emails directed at the firms were categorized as phishing. This highlights how important and how well security is protecting the client’s information.


3. Social Media


Presently most of the law firms are: Increase brand awareness through Social Media. People are spending more time collecting information on social media when compared to traditional media these days. Developing a consistent social media presence puts your message makes you top in front of the audience, and thus growing awareness of your firm. Social Media can benefit your legal field related brand awareness, brand reputation, cost-effective, website traffic, evaluation, customer interaction, target audience and brand loyalty.

4. Cloud Computing


Cloud Computing is a model of storage data or information’s of organisations on the Internet in a server providing by an independent data center that is a separate organization from the client organization. By using this technology law firms can now store client data, financial records, legal documents, and other information on the Internet. The cost of storing information is comparatively low than storing internally in house servers.


5. Electronic Discovery


The massive influence of digital data like emails, texts, voicemails, electronic calendars now open for analysis in legal proceedings, lawyers want help processing all of that information fast. Today, artificial intelligence (AI) is beginning to transform the legal profession in several ways, that is AI technology is used for review documents and legal research, Help perform due diligence, Contract review and management etc.

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