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 Cyber Crime:A Curse In Era Of Technology Cyber Crime:A Curse In Era Of Technology

Bronze medal Reporter Adv. Natchez Posted 15 Jan 2020
 Cyber Crime:A Curse In Era Of Technology

As we all know, everything has its pros and cons. Technology has the same too and that disadvantage is ‘Cybercrime’. Crimes committed through the internet against an individual or a group of persons with an intention to harm the individual or a group of persons directly or indirectly causing physical or mental harm is called ‘Cybercrime ‘. Even the finance and security of a nation is under threat. Some of the cyber crimes are hacking, sextortion, child pornography and so on.

The privacy of confidential information has been a concern with the rise in cybercrimes. Modern telecommunication networks like the internet and mobile phone have paved the way for cybercrime. Negligence, by the individual or a group of persons, of security of files on respective computers or computer systems is one of the main reasons for cybercrime. Another reason is the ease of access since there is a possibility to breach a complex technology by hackers is more bypassing biometric systems and firewalls. In addition to the above, there can be a loophole in the program codes on operating systems which is used by the cybercriminals to access. Since computers have the capacity to store data as files and require small space, it adds up as a reason for cybercrime. The most crucial reason is that evidence of cybercrime can be easily damaged which pauses the tracking of cybercriminals.

Some of the methods to be safe from cybercrime are to regular changing of passwords for online accounts and make sure the passwords are strong; encrypting files; privacy mode on social media and to be careful while inputting personal information on the internet and install security software in computer or mobile phone. Let’s be cautious further on. Be safe!

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