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5 Questions Every Lawyer need to ask after the Case is Closed 5 Questions Every Lawyer need to ask after the Case is Closed

Bronze medal Reporter james Posted 18 Jul 2017 Read More News and Blogs
5 Questions Every Lawyer need to ask after the Case is Closed

It is essential that every lawyer should ask these questions to their clients once the case is closed. Even though sometimes you may feel uncomfortable but it will be beneficial eventually leading to more number of happier clients. Reviews from clients help you to know on which area you need to focus more. The insights you gain can be used to improve your law firm.

Here are the 5 important questions which you need to ask once the case is closed

What could we have done differently?

You may sometimes get annoyance knowing that how differently you can present. But fixing thing which your law firm lacks would help you to increase productivity of your firm and also to get rid of unproductive practices.

What did you like about our services?

This answer won't just give you information on what your client found most vital, additionally what they wish you offered that you presently don't. There might be a few open doors for new services you could give that would mean incremental income for your firm.

Did we meet expectations?

Answer to this question will help you to directly know whether your law firm is doing a poor or good job of managing client expectations. You can work to prevent similar failures in the future.

 Did our team communicate effectively with you?

Communication is most important factor for the success of lawyer. Lawyers with poor communication with their clients won’t succeed in their career. Keep clients up to date on their legal matters, you need to know it and fix it

Would you refer us to friends and family?

Wide group of people believe that advocates don't need referrals or they get their clients from their own particular advertising endeavors. Help them understand that your business is just like any other profession and relies on referrals to friends, business associates, family members, colleagues etc. Make them understand that the most ideal approach to make a referral to you — if you prefer a phone call or an email introduction.

Asking these five simple questions can go a long way toward providing you with a more productive law firm and new referral sources that bring you more clients.

Only improvement over these questions alone won’t increase your productivity. Adopting Online Marketing strategy will help you to gain clients more easily.


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